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Antique textilesThree turkeys later, yams, pumpkin pie, glistening cranberries…I’m day-dreaming golden, rich colors…and love them countered with teals and aqua. Ever entranced with the loops of antique French toile pelmets…love them dancing atop this bed. The Paris apartment of Amalia de Klemm as photographed by Guillame de Laubier in the January 2003 issue of World of Interiors.

antique shoeImagining the holidays served up on platters…here an almost edible, jewel clutched 18th century shoe…

Paper covered 18th century boxes for treasure…

18th c styleA softly textured world of old paint and time worn textiles. I live in a very neutral environment…ivory, creams, soft grays. I suppose that’s why I am so drawn to antique textiles. Each piece is a jewel…a unique composition of beautiful, rich colors, careful details. A pillow, a drape of silk brocade over the armoir door, collected ribbons and treasured finds…perfect to inject into my cautious little world. Some of my favorite textile links to drool over:

The Textile Trunk here (surely everyone knows Wendy Lewis!)

Orelliers here (top of the line gorgeousness from our very own Debra from Acquired Objects)

Katherine Poole here (a UK vendor)

Cora Ginsburg here (I love flipping through her fabulous catalogues compiled since 2002)

All great inspiration for beautiful color combinations…and a bit of a design history lesson…

And if you’re wondering about the three turkeys…we visited both sides of the family on Thanksgiving, and after several years of complaints that we didn’t have leftovers to gnaw on for days later, I baked our own. Both kids were home for the holiday. Lots of driving. And cooking. Exhausting and wonderful. And now I need to come up with a week’s worth of turkey recipes…give me your tips!

Couture Colors



Paris Couture

Some beautiful photos from Sunday’s Wall Street Journal…might be able to get a trial glimpse here

Beautiful photos taken backstage of Dior Couture show three years ago by French photographer Patrick Demarchelier, whose  “Dior Couture” (Rizzoli) is set to be out by early December here

Resurgence of ladylike looks from 50s and 60s in additional WSJ article here

French fashion

More (less newsprint grainy!) Dior Couture fashion show photos here


While I still love my neutrals, dark grays…I love the smoldering brights thrown into the mix….18th c pastels

Similar glowing intensity emerged from the shadows of 18th century French pastel portraits… in exhibit at the Met here. Slice of art above from Élisabeth Louise Vigeé Le Brun c 1784 from accompanying exhibit book Pastel Portraits Images of 18th century Europe (Baetjer, Shelley).
antique pigments

19th century French pigment powders….no tepid pastels…vintage style

A retro dress from Anthropologie…who has been casting vintage dreams for several years…pulled out from the back of my closet. Needs only a bouffant petticoat to add a bit of swish. The color reminds me of something dragged across the eyelids of my first Barbie doll. Paris Couture

Some gorgeous vintage finds were up for auction recently at Augusta Auctions….

Above dress….YSL for Dior Couture Spring 1959 here

More vintage Dior and others will be at Kerry Taylor auction Nov 29 here

chinoiserieA peak into one of the things keeping me busy: fussing over adding a bit of aged gray Chinoiserie in the master bath. A vintage roll of 18th century reproduction wallpaper I bought on Ebay that, without vinyl coating, allows me to mute with a matte gray wash. Earlier post here is probably the genesis for this latest project. Crazy time of the year…and still rummaging through old closets for a Goodwill run…getting ready for the holidays. Hope you enjoyed a sip of vintage with your coffee today…

Speaking of which…for those of you in Northern California…the Bella Notte outlet’s Fall sale is this week:

Holiday Sale Hours

Thursday 11/17, Friday 11/18,  

& Saturday 11/19 

10am – 5pm

 61-E Galli Drive, Novato, CA 94949