Happy Weekend


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18th century silk textiles Trouvais IMG_7565 IMG_7597 IMG_7603 IMG_7604 IMG_7605 IMG_7611

A quick post to say Happy Weekend….and to let you textile nuts know I have a Tumblr site here Je suis Trouvais that I have created as a sort of running antique textile diary. The silk above was part of a deconstructed gown…10 full selvedge to selvedge 42 inch long panels (and two half panels) of beautiful brocaded French silk taffeta. I came for the silk, and stayed for the prospect of the reconstructed the gown. I’m torn. I can see a froth of this at a dressing room table. Or valanced over a bed. The bodice is tiny…25 inches around at the bust line and 15 inches long. The red roses scattered across the celadon field enchant me. Not all my textile finds are in the practical category. Some just stir the imagination. I will blame this on being raised on Masterpiece theater! Which is airing a bit of 18th century tonight…Poldark

And the lavender…is in full swing. My favorite varieties are lavender augustifolia “Provence”, with a bit of “Grosso” and “Hidcote” thrown in. Rushing this out…before the weekend ends!


On the Greens


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Houghton Hall Trouvais

The green velvet bed chamber at Houghton Hall. From Houghton Hall: Portrait of an English Country House (David Cholmondeley and Andrew Moore, Derry Moore photography). I bought the book for the textiles! The beds! The covered stools with threadbare silks and gilded paw feet! Built in the 1720’s for prime minister Sir Robert Walpole. The silver and gold trim are a bit subdued, tarnished as they are by time, but records show that the cost for the trimmings alone was 1219 pounds in 1732. How they must have glittered in the candlelight! Houghton Hall via Trouvais

The Brussels tapestries were probably ordered for this room and recently restored under the direction of the V & A museum Victoria & Albert Houghton Hall. The Prince of Wales slept here in 1797, the Duke of Wellington several times. I don’t want to poach too much from this fabulous book. Look here for more Houghton Hall. Above photo from San Francisco Cottages and Gardens (with additional photos) here18th c Italian Embroidered Velvet

This must be where my recent passion for green has originated. With all the dark, moody grays in the last few years…grayed teals and scintillating greens are beginning to speak to me more and more! My husband has been playing golf in Scotland the last 10 days and I’ve been playing textiles! Where I used to move plants around in the garden, then moved on to paint cans, my medium is now a bit more delicate, but far less messy! Though I am thinking of painting those doors. Or insetting distressed mirror in the top panels. They are 19th c theater doors (unfinished on the back) so they are not too precious to be tampered with! More on mirrored doors later!Trouvais greens

The fabric above is a French 18th c “chine a la branche” floral ikat imberline (silk/linen) panel, and 18th c or earlier Italian silk and metallic embroidery couched onto velvet. Lately I have this penchant for HUGE pillows and though someday I could reapply the embroidery to several smaller pillows, for now I want to enjoy the composition as is. For Napoleon lovers…click the link below to enjoy a fabulous collection of Napoleon memorabilia at a recent auction. Napoleon slept in some amazing beds, but in the war of beds…I do think the Duke of Wellington won that one as well.

Osenat auction Of Napoleon Collection

To flip through the catalog click here