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Trouvais antique textiles

Antique Textiles

Happy Sunday everyone! A few favorite finds I bought some time ago from Shirley at Simply Chateau here. Shirley had stumbled over a box of antique ballet costumes from the Paris Opera at the Paris Flea Market. This aqua c. 1920’s silk velvet was only a bodice, but it had Mademoiselle D’Arcy’s name scrawled in it. I think I tracked her history down to a ballerina touring with Pavlova to Australia. Then I cleaned her up a bit and fashioned a skirt out of tulle. Her companion from the same flea market box was from the ballet Les Sylphides…

Video of the Ballet Russe performing Les Sylphides in 1928…

Trouvais antique ballet costume

Though I love my bolts of linen and carefully folded toiles and silk, costume is the fun way to enjoy the colors, textures, and shapes of an earlier time. Perfect for a dressing room, hanging from an armoir door, the back of a chair, over or in a frame.
French ballet c1900

At this point I am only buying for myself, and am leery of attaining “hoarder” status…so I do have to turn a blind eye to all the pretty things that pass me by! There are some great pieces for sale at Sallie Ead’s Ruby Lane Lucia’s Collectables shop here. Beautiful eau de nil Paris ballet silk costume jacket c. 1900. Even though the Ruby Lane Red Tag Sale is over, Sallie has marked down alot of her items for this next week. This is one of my favorite items…just love this color…

Pink duchesses silk

And another great item…a piece of pink duchess satin with silk velvet from the Worth fashion house c 1880. Read more about it hereTrouvais antique textiles

My own little early 20th century silk cabochon roses nestled next to a hand dyed sachet. Luckily…antique fabrics take up very little room. My excuse whenever I try to fit one more tiny little piece in!

Off to garden…hope you’re having a lovely day!Trouvais roses