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Trouvais 18th c textiles

Been delightfully busy. I suspect I thrive on chaos! It’s most definitely Spring out here and prettiness is popping up everywhere. 18th century Italian silk brocade…silvery blue with peachy pinks and teal…awaiting being made into a few pillows…inspiring a new bedding mix. As much as I love my greys…change is good!

18th c textiles

I try to avoid the Bella Notte outlet…much too tempting..I was held hostage by a Colette perfect peach “personal comforter” a few weeks ago and had to pay a ransom to come home with this beautiful old pinky peach shade. If you live near enough to visit, the outlet info is:

Fridays, 10am – 4pm
Saturdays, 10am – 2:30pm

  70 Galli Drive, Suite 2 | Novato CA 94949

They will have a sale the weekend before Mother’s Day…will let you know details later.

Bella Notte new peach and ginger

Carolyn Quartermaine’s lovely eau de nil with gold script…Bella Notte’s “Perfect Peach” here, their gorgeous (but discontinued Deluxe Marie) in “Ginger“…a wonderful old gold. Colors that are silvered and tarnished down a bit from too bright.

Trouvais antique textiles

Bella Notte Pulling out from closets and remixing the old with new…

Bella Notte

Bella Notte’s discontinued Deluxe Marie…40% silk 60% cotton…the most gorgeous, soft bedding fabric! People who have this textile know what I’m talking about…and Bella Notte did it in every one of their colors. Sigh. Many detergents contain phosphates that strip the silk of all it’s luster and I suppose it became too difficult for the company to work with. C’est dommage!

Rachel Ashwell has a small offering of jacquard with 30% silk here 

Ralph Lauren’s Delphine is 40% silk/cotton here

I grabbed some of the Deluxe Marie boudoirs at the outlet and listed on Coup d’Oeil here

The Laundress has a delicate wash here for their silk blend fabrics. I would just check the label of any detergent you are considering for “no phosphates”.

antique roses

The garden is ready to explode…a preview bouquet! Most of you know that the Bourbon classification of antique roses is my favorite…Discovered in 1817 on the French Ile de Bourbon when a seedling from the Damask rose ‘Quatre Saisons’ and a China rose (believed to be ‘Old Blush’) sprouted up between the rows. Don’t you just love happy accidents? More here

Above “Souvenir de Malmaison” is the icy pink, fussy in the garden, but worth it…with the modern Eden, also called Pierre de Ronsard.

The deluge of garden shots about to begin…