Trouvais photos of Sienna Antiques Frames

Yes…I’m still up to my elbows in gray dye…but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a few golden highlights. My sister and I did a little shopping last week in one of my favorite small towns on Northern California…quintessential old Americana…a great mix of garden nurseries, quirky thrift stores, and several wonderful antique stores. Chelsea Antiques is on one side of the main boulevard…and Sienna, where I took all these photos, on the other.

Trouvais: Sienna Antiques

The top frame is 18th century German…terrifically expensive….so if you find something like this at the local thrift..I’d grab it…

Trouvais photos of Sienna Antiques

Trouvais photos of Sienna lighting

Really..the shades are what does it for me!
Trouvais photos of Sienna 2

Trouvais photos Sienna Antiques

Sienna Antiques in Petaluma here

If you click the link above you’ll get store info and a street view…in case my farther flung readers want to get a snapshot of a great little American town!