Hello everyone! Happy Sunday!! I should be out weeding but I couldn’t resist posting a few peony photos! A bouquet in a bucket…almost two dozen herbaceous peonies in my favorite colors…deep red Kansas and Sarah Bernhardt

garden peonies

A paler pink peony mixing in the border with a red rose and linaria purupea…aka Toadflax…a rampant self-seeder. garden peonies

Kansas again with Vivid Pink…backed by espaliered apple and my striped bourbon rose Honorine de Brabant and a broad leaved salvia. 

Here…while still in bud in the border…dusted with rose petals…Erigeron (Santa Barbara daisy) gambolling about …

Trouvais Peonies

A real show-off in the garden…love all the bright beauty against galvanized metal and stone grays. In the midst of all the outside work we’re doing, and since I’m still deciding on a new computer, I decided to take advantage of being in limbo to have my office gutted and rewired, the ceiling raised. No more trailing extension cords!  The little round window was a happy surprise behind the walls.

home office

The limewash color I’m using on the walls is called “”Old Stone Wall” from Sydney Harbour Paints here. (I seem to be always in the garden…whether inside or out!). To be continued!  FYI: I’m testing out an ad program that WordPress allows. Normally I pay WordPress to NOT advertise on my blog. So we’ll see. Busy week ahead but I’m getting the hang of using my husband’s editing software. My strategy is to make him so sick of me taking over his computer that he succumbs to my demands!…and yes…I am thinking of the going over to “the dark side” (his words…not mine)…switching from PC to Apple).