Yes…I am still alive. I’ve been in the middle of a big landscaping project for weeks, my computer died on me, and I just haven’t had time or patience to decide what to replace it with yet. All my photo editing software and files are in limbo until I make the decision. So…I’m on the lam a bit…jerry-rigging my husband’s computer to get you some photos I took recently. When an impromptu rainstorm allowed me to escape my garden project… I drove down to Corralitos to pick up my big basket and spent a delightful drizzly afternoon with our Atelier de Campagne friends and their most recent finds.

As a textile junkie, I just had to pick up this vintage Louis XVI firescreen. The screens are used to ornament a fireplace in the off season…though Johan mentioned they’d make a great menu board. I generally like to keep my husband guessing as long as possible about what’s for dinner…so I’ll be going the fabric route. And look at those mirrors! Atelier manages to bring back the most beautiful mirrors from their grand tours of the French flea markets.

Loving this bit of rosy color amidst all the neutral patina.

And the “high/low” mix of damask and wicker and rough plank floorboards…

Large mill baskets with bits of mohair still stuck at the bottom. Atelier is always a great source for wonderful baskets….

This lovely piece was placed over the holy water font…

See the Atelier de Camagne site here for the upcoming events this weekend and next…more wonderful photos of their latest container finds on their blog here

The garden is beginning to explode and the new project is done…so hope to get you more photos soon!