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European container sale

Can you believe it…it’s already been a year since last year’s Spring Atelier de Campagne container sale! If you come away with nothing from each sale, you nevertheless KNOW what’s going to be IN. Champagne baskets and metal dolly tubs and odd zinc collanders. I saw them here first. And then they were the “it” item. All at pre-1stdibs prices.

French flea market

Here’s a view from last Spring’s sale. Always a fun event…the vignettes creating the perfect joi de vivre! The basket belonged to a famous touring vaudeville act and was picked up in London by Johan.  I’ve been a bit like Goldilocks with Atelier’s baskets: an earlier one here was too big, the above one was too small…#18/236 Lrg Wicker Basket

And this was JUST right. Reserved for me! If you see anything on the incoming list here you can grab it pre-sale by calling or emailing (terms here)

garden antiques

A close up from last year…beautiful soft shades of gray, always plenty of mirrors and crystal…

Flea market style

More beautiful gray washed furniture setting off a group of blue polka dot pitchers….also coming in in green and….a mystery color…!


For those that crave authenticity….#18/249 Pair of Wooden Baluster Lamps

Always wonderful shutters….wooden baluster lamps…wonderful pillows and linens…

#18/192 Set of 12 Bistro Chairs

A full set of 12 bistro chairs….incredible find…
#18/132 Wooden Grape Carriers detail

Wooden grape carriers….

#18/075 2 Terra Cotta Busts on Pedestal

My favorites…terra cotta busts on pedestals. Can imagine them on either side of a set of French doors with a view to the garden beyond??

Container Unloading Sale April 7-8 More info here

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PS: I should add..photo 2 and 4 (and title photo) are mine, but all other photos are Atelier de Campagne photos! Especially love the Greek Athena bust and bistro chair photos. Pure poetry!