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French canape

Still need to re-hang my group of antique French letters

since switching my console for my canape!

In the process of stitching 18th century French Flamme Ikat from

antique fabric guru Wendy Lewis onto old needlepoint pillows…

Earlier post about Wendy here

A wide selection of blues she has on Ebay here

antique textiles

Detail…all hand quilted, hand stitched…

Even though I paired my small quilt with the pillow trim

in a post over a year ago here it’s taken me a year

to have the courage to cut it into pieces.

antique french textiles

Wendy currently has a beautiful 18th c Flame Ikat pelmet here

 Now THAT I could never cut!

antique quilt

One of Wendy’s most incredible 18th century quilts  here

She’s in a wonderful new (old) house and it’s worth perusing

her stock just to get a glimpse at her home around the edges!

Those floors!!!

More gorgeous quilted blues… from an earlier post here:

The bed is dressed with a boutis (French quilt) in

 motifs inspired by les Indiennes de Nimes and flags de procession

 chines rest on the headboard above each pillow…

quilted block print pillow

Which led me to this little Les Indiennes hand blocked, quilted pillow …

I suppose it’s those extra few stitches…and the tie back…and the bit of blue…

More Les Indiennes here

Keeping busy, and fussing around with my blog templates

so all might go poof. If so, carry on without me!