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Container sale

From Belgian and French Antiques post here

This is the view from nearly the start of the line as we

waited for last year’s Atelier de Campagne container sale.

More photos at  Bright Notes from the Antiques Sale here

To see what my sister did with one of her finds see Bedhead here

European antiques

A few photos I didn’t post last year…

Spring blossoms were everywhere…

European Antigues

I would say Johan and Trinidad specialize in French and Belgian

garden antiques, though they have plenty of chandeliers and

trumeau mirrors, industrial finds, shutters and vintage furniture.

European container sale

If you are curious about Johan and Trinidad …

Their bio can be found here

European antiques

A corner of their conservatory room…

Hold tags are handed out as you wait in line

and quickly appear on favorite items…

He (or she) who hesitates is lost…

European Container sale

All above are my photos from last year’s sale. Many items

coming in for this sale and current inventory can be found here

More info about Atelier at Flea Markets in Alameda and Long Beach

as well as a great photo of a container being unloaded here

They’ll be at Remnant of the Past in Nipomo on April 30th.

Loved Trinidad’s latest post on Aging with Grace and Beauty here

The next container is due in August for those that want

to rent a beach house nearby and make the trek! Now wouldn’t

that be fun!

Back to the garden…hope you’ve all had a

wonderful weekend!