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French flea market find

I always enjoy checking in on Lori at Automatism here…

possibly because she was one of the first to comment on my blog

almost two years ago…but mostly because, as a Canadian collage

illustrator (her work here)…she always has a keen eye for beautiful…

French flea market find

She recently recommended the Etsy shop Odd & Old here

and I feel in love with the rough blue and gold patina of this

vintage statue….which after several weeks finally made

its way here from Lillie, France.  Artist's collage

Odd & Old’s shop keeper Linda Dacey trained as a graphic designer

and worked as a commercial illustrator and exhibited in London

galleries throughout the 1990’s before relocating to France in 2001.

French flea market find


Linda’s Etsy Odd & Old shop has pages of finds from the

brocantes around Lillie, France where she lives…


French flea market finds

French flea market finds

French flea market

Odd & Old’s fabulous finds here

You can also get to know Linda at her blog here

Her artist site here has several wonderful mixed media art pieces…

Found art sculpture

pale female 2010
mixed media, found and made, assemblage sculpture

As with most finds…often it’s the person

behind the item that is the most wonderful find…

So glad to meet you, Linda…