circus tent

French Blue & Co’s French Market here

Love this circus tent banner…

heralding her fancy finds…

antique circus

Sold recently on Ebay…

Is the circus on everyone’s mind?

Or is it the stripes that sing to me?

Trouvais antique Toile

Recent find…seduced by the rolling blue trim….

Antique textiles

and the vine clambered tower…complete with wash…

(or antique French linen) tossed o’er the  ramparts…Antique French textiles

Loopy de loopdy loop…Tracing 15 feet of toile…

Love the rose madder sketching…

Could pelmet a bed, or be-ribbon curtain swags…

Favorite colors '11


My favorite color combination these days….

antique French roses

Madame Issac Perrier from last year…

bidding her time….


From Kathy Dalwood’s new cast plaster collection…

The “Tower Bridge Dragoon”  above as photographed for

the British magazine Living Etc Jan ’11 issue

Follow in her artist’s footsteps here

and here

and here

A blog you could get lost in….

Did you see these photos of  Australia stylist

Sibella Court’s home shown here by Design Sponge last year?


Textile artist

From Sibella’s shop The Society here

On of several Australian shops that

carry a new favorite artist….

artist textiles
Tara Badcock of  Paris+ Tasmania…

Get an eye full of her bright and whimsical designs here

or for more shops and info…

Follow her via her blog  The Teacosy Revolution

Off to soak up a bit of sun…

Happy weekend all!