Rock star Bryan Ferry’s London home…

A two bedroom former artist’s studio in Chelsea that he moved into two

years ago and decorated with his own finds from around the world…

“Decorating is so interesting to me, ” he explains, taking a seat on his 19th

century French sofa. “I like to control my environment. How it looks, feels

and sounds. I couldn’t imagine asking anyone else to decorate it”

Great story in the December Wall Street Journal magazine..

WSJ Magazine here

by Rita Konig

Photography Alexia S

Bryan Ferry

“Once I have an aesthetic attachment to something I can’t

bear to break the bond that ties us together.”

Love his point of view…


Bryan Ferry Trouvais

Paint splattered chair a gift from

artist Rolf Sachs…

Bryan Ferry London

Note the lady beneath the lamp shade…

“I don’t buy to fit, he adds. “I buy first and then find a spot for it,

and once I’ve done that I don’t like changing it-as it’s usually taken

quite a while to find that spot.”

Bryan Ferry

A textile draped table set before an unused door…

“Fabrics are important, he says, “because I don’t

go for that hard-edged modern look; I like

frayed edges.”

Trouvais Bryan Ferry Wall Street Journal

One large room where Ferry does most of his entertaining…a composite of

all the views. Click above photo to get full screen…

Please read the full article…here


Antique French barometer Trouvais

It makes me think of all my favorite

finds from the past year…


Our finds are sort of a Rorschach (ink blot) test…braille for visitors to our homes…

where we’ve come from, where we’ve been, our allusions and ambitions about ourselves…

what we hold dear, what we strive for. And of course…the good deal…the practical…

and the dreaded folly.  What was your best find in 2010?