Trouvais Study redo

Yes, I know you thought I was doing my bathroom…

but the plumber was cautiously, assiduously, slowly moving my shower pipes

and I didn’t want to lose my little crew so we started in on my husband’s study….

We’ve lived here for 18 years, but there’s something about being an empty nester

that just lights a fire under you. Plus, my husband  was going out of town for a week.

Drum roll. I’m sure you know the feeling….

You can see here how dramatically the roof cascades from a lofty 10 feet height

to 6 feet, with 7 additional feet of storage space beyond the wall. (You can also see

me ruminating on a chandelier for the space!). One has to hunch over to drag out

boxes out of the storage space so they tend to be forgotten in the furthest reaches…


Trouvais Study redo

My husband loved his desk but was resigned to give it up…at 80″ X 42″ it took

up alot of space on the floor. We discussed selling it or cutting it down to size,

perhaps with a drawer front. I wanted to make it easier for him to utilize the

storage space  and considered ordering a bank of cabinets to back their 24″ depth

into the wall. In  the end it just seemed easier, and less expensive, to keep the

desk and create a niche from the storage area, with deep shelves on either side…

Trouvais study redo

I had them add 4 plugs on each side and 2 recessed lights on dimmer…

The wood floors needs to be extended…I still have lots of painting to

do on shelves but am waiting for my husband to return to cast his vote on

whether to go dark or light in the niche…


I had a small sample pot of Farrow and Ball’s Charleston Gray….

and though this a second story, tree shrouded back room…

the dark, muddy gray just worked perfectly. I spent the day triple coating

the room…with a crisp Benjamin Moore White Diamond on

the trim…

Trouvais Study redo

My husband’s grandfather’s golf clubs in a vintage metal ice cream

container. Still lots to do before it’s certifiably handsome…

but it’s coming along. Cherry wood is usually not my thing

but it looks gorgeous with the Charleston Gray walls…

to be continued….

Have a wonderful Sunday…enjoy your extra hour!