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Trouvais Voque Sept Issue

The fashions are three years old…

but I’m in love with this two hundred (plus) year old background

to the Vogue photo shoot in France under the creative direction of

Grace Coddington…the heroine of The September Issue documentary

released in 2009.  Caught a glimpse of the last half on TV the other

night and loved getting a peek behind the scenes of these

incredible photos, and the dreamy aesthetic and drive

of Coddington’s imagination.

Trouvais Vogue Sept '07

The pages of this photo shoot were done at Versailles…

The escalated art form of painted boiserie never fails to

thrill me.

Madame Dange…from my earlier If Walls Could talk post here

La Révélation du Cabinet des Fables here

This wonderful video tells the story of a restoration of a c. 1750 boiserie, painted with illustrations

from La Fontaines fables, in the boudoir of Madame Dange’s home on the Place Vendome. A subsequent

heavily gilded redo of the boiserie by a 19th century French military governor is carefully removed on

half of the walls, leaving behind both 18th and 19th century versions to illustrate the different

aesthetics of both eras.

Trouvais Vogue September '07

Back in the pages of Vogue…

The teal scrolled with romanticized gilt…

Trouvais Vogue Sept. 07

Trouvais Vogue Sept '07

Always keep your eyes open

Here’s a clip from the documentary that focuses on Grace Coddington

gazing over the gardens of Versailles …out of the whole bustle and glitz of the movie

she was the most inspirational element…a fellow dreamer…

(click to start, and then click watch on YouTube)

More about Grace here

Trouvais Vogue September '07

Just a bit of eye candy for the end of September…

a diversion from all things practical!

A celebration of the beauty in the background…

Stephen Jones John Galliano Voque

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