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Swedish Room Trouvais

A few more favorite views from the Swedish Room

Beyond the antiques…a large part of the magic of the space is the art tracing its

way across the top of the showroom’s gray walls.  The chalky finish and subtle tones

of Sydney Harbor paints here were used as a subtle backdrop for the antiques

as well as the gorgeous mural above. Patterned after the c. 1770’s Chinese

inspired Tree of Life wallpaper in the Prima Donna’s Dressing Room at the

Drottningholm Court Theater in Stockholm, the mural above was recreated

on site by renown Swedish painters Jonas Wickman and Stephan Söder.

Swedish Room Trouvais

Charming use of barbed wire…

Love the edgy interpretation of a classical chandelier…

Swedish Room Trouvais

Mimicking centuries old wall art…

Suzanna has a large folio of wallpaper-like painted

murals swatches for her clients to choose from, and then

flies the painters out from Sweden to create the murals on site

Swedish Room Trouvais

Flipping though the portfolio….

I caught my breath thinking of

of insetting this into a paneled

door or across a focal wall…

Swedish Room Trouvais

This piece is inspired by the 18th century floral garlands

gracing the walls of  Sturehov Manor

The Swedish Room

Examples of these walls as well as many other gorgeous

18th century Swedish manors can be found in the fabulous book

The Swedish Room by Lars Sjöberg, Ursula Sjöberg, Ingalill Snitt

and previewed extensively by Google books here

Lars Sjöberg, Ursula Sjöberg, Ingalill Snitt

Another photo from The Swedish Room

Trust me…your going to want to click that link!

Rhonda Eleish & Edie Van Breems

Here is a mural Suzanna’s artists created for her “Swedish Mediterranean” client’s

home featured in the book Swedish Country Interiors

Swedish Room Trouvais

Two c. 1820 antique wall appliques in the Swedish Room showroom

behind a lovely square faced c. 1800’s clock

For those that are operatically inclined…

Performance at Sweden’s 18th century Drottningholm Court Theater


Behind the scenes…

Actual photo of the Prima Donna’s Dressing Room

from my Lyrical Walls post here

Perhaps why the Swedish Room’s murals caught my eye….


Swedish Country Interiors by Rhonda Eleish and Edie Van Breems

photography Jon E. Monson & Langdon Ergmann


Another earlier 18th Century Swedish Style post here