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Trouvais Swedish Room SF

I recently dashed into my favorite San Francisco Design Center building…

the Sobel building…to take a quick look at the Swedish Room….

Occupying a sunny front room beyond capacious domed awnings,

it scintillates with crystal and gilt and a charming trace of  blues…

Sketching the space with her Swedish dreams and memories is the beautiful

owner and founder Suzanna Havden Bell, who will be closing the space soon

to focus on her interior design business and (very!) soon to arrive third boy.

As if that wasn’t enough, she sparkles with a million ideas, so I’m not sure

how relaxing her future will be. An example of Suzanna’s work can be

found in Swedish Country Interiors (click link for preview). Suzanna

designed the “Swedish Mediterranean”  home in nearby Palo Alto.

Swedish Country Interiors Eleish Breems

Joni from Cote de Texas did a post here

that discusses the book and style further and

includes this room designed by Suzanna…

Trouvais Swedish Room SF

In Suzanna’s design shop in San Francisco a huge gilded 18th century rococo jardinière

sits amidst a gorgeous panalopy of regal and primitive Gustavian antiques.

Can you see this at the base of a gorgeous tall window, overflowing with plants

in a room beset with glaucose gray walls and diaphanous or period swagged curtains?

I did wonder briefly if it could be hoisted above a bed, hung by rusty chains as corona…

As you know I have a slight Ciel de Lit obsession…

Swedish Room Trouvais

A small composition of pure Swedish style…

pale and blue and rough and gilded…

Swedish Room Trouvais

Playing the full spectrum of cool to bright…

matte to shine…

simple to swagged…

Corner buffet from Stockholm c. 1790’s

Gilded cartel clock, crystal wall sconce …

Swedish Room Trouvais

Myriad of Baroque, Gustavian and Swedish Empire chandeliers….

Swedish Room Trouvais
Red folding table from the 1700’s…

One of Suzanna’s favorites…

Swedish Room Trouvais

The base of the flip top table…

character laden patina amidst all the pale paints…


Pair of Gustavian Tabourets
c 1840

Trouvais Swedish Room

Antique Mansion style daybed…another of Suzanna’s favorite pieces…

note the feet…

Swedish Room Trouvais

The Swedish Room sells both antique and historical reproduction items…

All can be found on the website here

Along with a peek at her adorable boys…

The Swedish Room

Suzanna will be closing her shop in the Sobel building at the end of this month,

warehouse her remaining treasures, and focusing exclusively on her (soon to be)

three boys and interior design business…

Email her at design@swedishroom.com for any inquiries

Trouvais Swedish Style SF

Incredible blues of  this corner cabinet c. 1700-1750

American 8 Day clock from mid 1800’s

to be continued…


Swedish Room

Suzanna Havden



Sobel Design Building

680 Eighth Street, Suite 151

San Francisco, Ca.