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Bed with antique blues

Painted Italian ceiling panel above a headboard

made from a salvaged cherubic boiserie…

Designers Babs Watkins, Julie Watkins Baker, Eleanor Cummings

More at House Beautiful website here

natural linens

When all moves to modern….here’s where

you’ll find me…stuck on texture and aged patinas…

and a touch of color gracing the soft neutrals…

Lovely aqua blues with neutrals

From the same incredible Houston home…

a sense of treasure found along the way…

Blue patina

I’m so cued in to blue tones these days that a huge, chippy, blue side of a building

I found at a salvage yard keeps whispering to me….”make me into plank shutters…

a garage door…add those rusty hinges on Ebay…”. Certainly it couldn’t come near

this prettiness…this perfect composite of all the most beautiful shades of blue

on this antique Swedish hutch from the home above…

Paris grainsack Textile Trunk

Wendy Lewis of The Textile Trunk has been running with a slew of beautiful blues

lately…in the midst of her over 1000 listings of  antique and vintage European

textiles on Ebay. Love the above vintage hessian grain sack! She’s in the process of

unloading ninety enormous new boxes of gorgeous textiles direct from Europe…

so be sure to keep an eye on her Ebay site here

An article just came out about Wendy in the New York Times here

Congratulations Wendy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the slim chance you haven’t heard of Wendy, here’s

an earlier post I did of The Textile Trunk here

aqua pillows Trouvais

Since I’ve recently been spending all my time

outdoors…I bought the requisite weatherproof Sunbrella fabric

pillows …these from Restoration Hardware…

Restoration Hardware chair

But wanted a softer looking cushion for a set of their Klismos armchairs off the master bedroom.

They arrived looking a bit too new…so I rubbed a little paint on them to give the some age…

I’m imagining a French mattress like seat cushion…would rather not cover the back…

perhaps a lumbar style smaller pillow. Its been over three months since the neighbor’s

oak crashed through the fence…a slow process of re-imagining this corner of the yard.

French mattress abd old linens Trouvais

I asked Wendy about using natural fabrics outside and she replied:

Actually hemp is ideal for outdoor furniture!!~ It is naturally mold and mildew resistant ~

The sun, over time…will degrade any fabric but because these textiles wear like nails,

it wouldn’t be a problem in our lifetimes!! J ~ the stripes have been exposed to sunlight

for many many many years, and they only get better with time…the natural dyes used

in the 19th century were very hearty ~

A search for “hemp” on Wendy’s Ebay site here yields almost 400 options.

lavender hillside Trouvais

Small glimpse of my new lavender….sigh…I’ve forgotten how long a new garden

takes to really take hold. Eventually each plant will be two feet wide and tall

and virtually carefree. So while I’m waiting for some color in the new garden…

I’ll be working on those cushions and a few dozen more ideas.

Interior shutters

And in the meantime I’m gravitating

to all shades of blue…

Interior Design Barbara Westbrook

House Beautiful here

Blue in Provence

Hope you’re off to a wonderful weekend…