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Glamis Castle…a David Austin English rose…

enveloped in a froth of Nepeta Mussinii Six Hills Giant

A perpetual show as they tumble together artlessly

over the stone walls of the master bedroom patio…

Pascale Palun Avignon

Antique Biot jar on serene sun dappled summer patio…

At the Avignon  home of artist Pascale Palun of Vox Populi…

more here and here

Courtyard in Avignon

Photos Henri Del Olmo

Coté Sud Avril-Mai 2010

Bits and pieces collected over the years

and cured over many seasons in the garden…

Restoration Hardware lanterns

Just those few touches

that please the eye first thing in the

morning and last view at night…

Master bedroom patioThe hillside needs tweaking, the pots another rub of color,

the creeping thyme is fitful and petulant. I’m waiting for

garden furniture to arrive,  and lavender to bloom….

but when the air is crisp and bright and redolent

with the scent of the Madagascar jasmine

…summer is perfection

roses and nepata

Big and little bees move industriously about…

bending the froth with their nimble touch..

Poppy seed heads

Sans ruffles…

the huge poppy seed pods

Living outdoors…

Barely on the computer…

Loving July!

Hope you are all out…out …out…enjoying your summer!