New Provence style garden Trouvais

Hello all my wonderful readers!!!

I have gotten an amazing amount of work done in the yard…funny how stepping away from the

computer does that for you! The burly menfolk have left me happily alone to aesthetically tweak

the remains of their days here. Now all that’s left to do is water carefully until all the new

planting takes hold. Ideally all of this would have been done a month ago but… c’est la vie.

Old French rose

I had a spare Sombreuil rose at the back of my garden

that was getting a wee bit less sun then ideal, so I hauled

it up to the new sloped garden between the olive tree and an

Italian cypress and am babying it until it forgives me

for roughing it up in the middle of summer…

July garden lavender

The new lavender on the slope is a month away from looking like this…

but we gardeners are always patient…

Still fussing over their top soil, checking carefully

to not over or underwater it…

Here in the lower garden the lavender intermingles happily

and carelessly with hardy geranium Ann Folkard

Liberty antique apple

Espaliered apple tree with “Libery” apples…

purported to be Thomas Jefferson’s favorite apple…


The bees were going wild

over this annual poppy…

a firecracker red….

The emerging poppy seed heads

make a beautiful dried arrangement…

and rattle with the seeds of next year’s crop….


Hope you are all picnic-ing and fair-ing and firework-ing happily away…

Happy Birthday, America!