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Blue flowers

Blue in the garden

blue flowers

Saturated Hydrangea hues….

begin their burst of summer color…

Bella Notte

I couldn’t resist these Bella Notte Deluxe Marie ruffled

pillow cases…slipping them over my French chairs on

the way out to weekend gardening….


Nepeta Mussinii Six Hills Giant

Catmint…a haze of dusky lavender blue

on the upper level of my latest gardening project

lattice fence

First coat of watered down paint on the new project’s

lattice fence…a dark gray with zinc blue under tones

C2 Paints Stomp

Stone steps
The first five steps are in…hardscape to be finished next week. After the hillside’s clay soil

is amended, new lavender can be added in rows in front of olive tree and cypresses…

I love Linda Merrill’s story of hearing her father’s whispers as she remodeled her kitchen here.

My father is so often in my thoughts…I can imagine him sitting on the rock wall beside me on this

lovely cool June weekend. A wonderful, warm man…we all loved his stories, the comfort of his

laughter. We saw how hard he worked and how much joy he found in life…a wonderful lesson

to pass down to your children.

Happy Father’s day to all our wonderful fathers!