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Lousi XV French lanterns

Louis XV style metal lantern style sconce…

one of two that flank my dining room French doors…

Because of the warbled old glass, you can just

barely make out the aqua candle inside…

18th century French Ikat

Throwing myself into change…finally upgraded my camera, my son switched

out my aging desktop computer for his homemade uber-computer. It is

wickedly fast and powerful and is making a decidedly loud hum at my right

elbow. He mentioned something about it needing new ball-bearings(!?!!) .

I tend to throw myself into change, full speed ahead. So all might go up

in a puff of technological smoke (probably me, not the computer)…

Bella Notte graphite

So in case the screen goes abruptly blank…

here are a few test photos of some favorite finds…

18th century French barometer

I’m on a bit of a “thing’ diet this spring.  Spring gardening always tempers my treasure

hunting impulse..the garden yields so many surprises of its own that I’m content

to count peony and rose buds.  Nevertheless, I  couldn’t resist this antique barometer

I found recently at at an auction. Made in Paris in 1763, it continues to amaze me that

it has passed centuries being settled on one wall after another…

Can’t help but be a little in awe of it…

Who peered into the tiny mercury filled vial on a

balmy summer evening, and what were they wearing?

Did they send someone to fetch them a shawl?

18th century French barometer

Who traced their fingers over the curves of the roses?

Planned a picnic, ordered raspberry plants to be set out or

a crop to be brought in…?

rococo tablescape

It fascinates me how antiques travel over time through countries and homes,

handed from one ardent admirer to the next. A conduit through which people

live their dreams and shape their lives, and then continue on bobbing along

in the stream of life until they enchant another owner…