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Peonies Trouvais

The latest batch of peonies from my garden…Sarah Bernardt are the huge pink

mop heads, one of the last of my dark pink Kansas peonies…

Trouvais peonies

The aptly named Vivid Pink…


Trouvais peonies

Festiva Maxima is white with pink markings…

Trouvais peonies

I bring them inside when they are just beginning

to explode from their tight balls…

Trouvais peonies

Ebullient, wanton, the most intoxicating and temperamental

flower in my garden. To paraphrase that vintage commercial:

why do I grow peonies?…because they’re worth it!

Carolyn Quarternaine script and floral gilt chairs

Carolyn Quartermaine hand painted silk on gilded French chairs…

an artist’s hand…

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Carolyn Quartermaine Unwrapped

Jacques Dirand photography