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Lene of The Essence of the Good Life has been spending the last few weeks

wrestling with a serious health issue. She is such an inspiring, courageous, talented,

and giving fellow blogger, and you would be doing yourself a favor to visit her here.

Besides her gorgeous photos of her Nordic homeland, and her beautiful posts

on design interiors, her side column quotes give you glimpses into the

sort of woman she is.

espaliered apple tree

So while I appreciate my garden…

with its espaliered fruit trees….

Clematis and rose


garden trouvais



and roses…

old French roses

I’m thinking of Lena…in her beautiful garden…

and hoping she feels better and stronger every day…

The Green Garden

The gorgeous header above is from The Green Garden Gate…

Lena’s garden blog…her Peony post here is INCREDIBLE!!!!

A favorite The Essence of the Good Life post here is about

traditional brightly knitted Norwegian mittens …

If you are a foodie, visit her Great Taste blog here

and there’s even a fourth blog…

The Good Life on Top of the World here

A truly remarkable woman….