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Peonies in the border garden

My hand me down camera is sensing that she will soon be replaced

and thus the “impressionistic” photos…Still the chaotic bowls of

lipstick pink “Kansas” peonies tumble prettily in the border…

painting a florid chorus of riotous full Spring. Other peonies are

pursed tightly, patiently, waiting their show…

18th century French barometer

And a glimpse of my newest find….

Made in Paris in 1763, this one weathered many seasons, many roses

and spring gardens…I have resolved lately to temper my temptations

for smaller finds, to make way for more significant ones.  And to wait, patiently,

until then. What treasure do you tuck into the corner of your dreams?

What tugs at your heart when you flip through books and magazines, go to

house tours or museums?For some of us its pretty china, lavish silver,

voluminous silks or the heavy hand of hand loomed linen, carved scrolls of

architectural salvage, miniature portraits, antique books, vintage watering

cans and farm tools.  Beyond peonies and spring borders and summer

sojourns, what thing do you love and wait for and why?

Happy weekend and happy hunting…