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French antiques with floral detail

I go in phases from great bursts of creativity to a conundrum phase….

like now, when I look at all my found treasures from over the years and

feel the urge to re-sort them. Often this is preceded by a new significant find

that I have to make room for…and then the older pieces are put in play…

Sort of like musical chairs….except that I don’t want any one

treasure to lose its seat!

French settee

I had just recently reupholstered this Louis XVI style chaise in a silvery blue peau de soie

a few years ago when I came across my SIGNED 18th century caned Louis XV canapé

here, back story here. A six foot long canape is not an easy item to tuck in just anywhere.

She has been in limbo for over a year, moving from kitchen to living room to dining room.

Usually awkwardly in front of something. So I’m thinking of moving Madame 18th century UP

into the master bedroom and Madame 19th DOWN to the dining room. I just don’t want to

hurt anything‘s feelings! When I was young I used to feel this way about my favorite

pajamas. I almost hated getting a new set and having to choose which one was to be

condemned to the drawer…

Bella Notte detail

Bella Notte Olivia pillowcase detail…

So I’m throwing everything up in the air (figuratively, of course)

and trying a new mix….you do that too, don’t you? Adding something new

is always a bit stressful…it shakes up the “world order” of one’s home…

there are always those “what was I thinking” self doubts, the rebalancing of the rest.

Outside a neighbor’s huge oak came down and barreled through a wide swath

of our side yard. Hadn’t planned on re-landscaping that area just yet. But with the

destruction comes the opportunity to create an even more beautiful area.

Change is good.

Antique c. 1820 console

I’ll show you my latest treasure soon… if it arrives mostly intact (silent prayer).

She’s old and going in the master bedroom….perhaps alongside the equally old canapé.

Will I look younger if I hang out with older things?

Antique French letters framed

Have a wonderful weekend….finding new treasures, loving your old treasure…

and maybe moving things around a bit….