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French mansion with blue shutters

Maison de Lèves…near Chartres

Madeleine Castaing’s home

French Interiors The Art Of Elegance


Jean-Loup Daraux south of France

Decorator Jean-Loup Daraux’s home

in the  Camarque countryside in the South of France

Veranda Febuary ’08

Jacques Dirand Photography

South of France home

Bright blue anointing the sun washed  stone facade….

Lillian Williams South of France

Lillian Williams home in Provence…

She used to have the most incredible French antique store

in San Francisco decades ago…

Provence Interiors

Lisa Lovatt-Smith

Provencal bath alcove with custom tile

Custom blue bath tile in a Provencal alcove bath…

Antique French Screen and Flea market finds

Home of  Nadège and Franck Dolais of Quattrocento Antiques

Folding screen with range of subtle blues…

French Country Style at Home


Antique French blue striped bed drapes

Ever since seeing this antique Ciel de Lit bed canopy that

Wendy Lewis of The Textile Trunk sold earlier (earlier post here)

I have been obsessing slightly over French blues…

indigo fabrics, shutters, doors, tile…

Antique French Ikat 18th century

My 18th century French indigo Ikat quilt from Wendy

on top of tasseled pillow and Belgian linen…

French antique bobble trim

Couldn’t resist this two toned antique bobble trim…

Still waiting for it to arrive from France…

want to use it to trim some nubby Belgian linen pillows to

throw along side the Ikat quilt…

Antique stone staircase

Is that a faint touch of blue at the top of the stairs?

Incredible staircase….more of the 16th to 18th century old Dolais

home in Baugé, a small town in Anjou…

French Country Style at Home


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