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Antique French Roses

Sometimes I think I chose my antique roses as much for their names as their scent

or form, Souvenir de Malmaison c. 1843 at the back arch, Deuil de Dr. Reynaud

(otherwise known as Philémon Cochet c. 1862) at front. They have more than lived

up to their names and weathered late rains and hot summers with aplomb. I have

“pruned with a shovel” several old roses that sadly didn’t live up to their lovely

names in my garden… Varigata de Bologna, Charles de Mills, Madame Louise

Leveque…all lovely but not quite at home (it wasn’t them, it was me…)

peonies in a border

Here’s a still tightly wound herbaceous peony Kansas at back , and Sarah Bernhardt

in foreground…more difficult to grown in a Northern California garden than tree

peony varieties. I have over thirty plants that I fuss over, and am thrilled to get scores

of buds most years, but they are definitely not a high yield part of my garden. In the

midwest and in Ireland they are veritable weeds…but prima donnas in a hardly cold

enough micro-climate….



These showy gals showed up with bells on…

every garden need some carefree and pretty interlopers

Iris Pallida Varigata

A true friend….I placed Iris Pallida Varigata in my garden a decade ago…

puts on a lavender hued haze every spring and her glaucose striped swords

continue to add interest throughout the year….

Trouvais garden photos

In a corner between the house and the garden below…

Devoniensis c. 1838 at the pillar, Mme Isaac Pereire c. 1881

in foreground, modern Davis Austin rose Gertrude Jekyll at back …

As always…to be continued…

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