Italian villa and gardens

From my files of all things garnet and glowing….

Sometimes colors just tease at me…beaconing me

to work them in to my home somehow….

Antique French silk brocade

An antique textile recently sold on Ebay

19th century French brocade…

18th century French shoes

Isabella de Borchgrave

Paper Illusions

Old French rose

Last year’s Madame Issac Perrier…

This year’s crop is just starting to flex their sepals…

once they reflex back the blooms are ready to pick

and bring their intoxicating scent indoors….

More old roses in French Garden Antiques here

Designer textilesDesigner textiles

Madeline Weinrib

Original handmade textiles….

French Script silk

Bejeweled Carolyn Quartermaine chairs…

all set for the performance…

Mozart script fabric …musical chairs….

Antiquities, French. raspberry reds

Michael Trapp’s home above his Connecticut antiques and garden shop…

Rooms to Inspire

Annie Kelly

Top photo House and Gardens April ’07

From Paolo Pejrone’s home in Northern Italy