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Spring Garden

It’s been almost a full year since I started blogging…

and Garden ’10 is emerging on her own timetable,

her own artful mix of self seeded arrangements amidst

my carefully planned perennials and hardscape…

Here pink poppies spring up through the variegated spears

of Iris Palladia, backed by somewhat errant lambs ears,

carefully placed dwarf boxwood and the arm of an

espaliered apple tree….

Spring garden Trouvais

Besides my love of antique roses…I have a few

favorite modern David Austin roses…

this is Cressida….

Spring Garden Trouvais

The self seeded foxgloves are preparing to orchestrate their symphony of softly

detailed jewel toned bells, baby tears continuing their creep between pavers,

and lime leaved geranium Anne Folkard is ready to shock with her black-centered

shocking pink flowers weaving a path through the neighboring foliage…

Spring Peony Trouvais

Hana Kisoi…a tree peony set to

explode to salad plate proportions…

stay tuned…

Spring garden Trouvais

Dwarf boxwood, cypress, potted hydrangea,

French lavender, and soft pink geranium

Biokova set into the curve of the stairs….

The swooping hummingbird nudging the

geraniums too elusive to catch this morning….

Provence garden fountain Trouvais

Small mop heads of lime green viburnum

nod against the fountain at the back…

Spring Garden Trouvais

My garden is getting ready for its first

anniversary on this blog…

With an explosion of roses and

herbaceous peonies in just weeks…

I can hardly wait!

Have a wonderful weekend…