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I don’t collect a lot of silver but what catches my eye tends to be Rococo…

Baroque…with swirls and flowers and bows….

a little goes a long way….

A flea market find and piece of Christofle wedding silver above….

Though this is a modern piece by Michael Aram, its inherent

naturalism faintly echoes the work of 18th century French artists,

ebonists, and silversmiths…silver posy topped shell box….

Silvery pewter hunt cups…

stag, rabbit, horse….

Vintage French soup ladle…an earlier find

with my first purchase from our very own

Melanie at Le Petite Cabinet de Curiosité

….her store here

Per Melanie “Silver leg of the mutton fork and knife
end of the XVIII th century , beginning of the XIX th century”

I love them Melanie! Thank you!

I  think it was the little angel head that did it….


And from my large cache of old favorite House and Garden‘s

and saved images… Rococo style silver fit for a King….

Silver tureen… boy with falcon c. 1757

F.T. Germain

From the Portuguese royal silver collection at the Nacional de Arte Antiga in Lisbon…

Over the period of 50 years Thomas Germain, royal sculpture and goldsmith, who had his

apartments and workshop in the Louvre, and later his son François-Thomas, produced an

estimated 3000 pieces of gold and silverware for the sovereigns and nobility of Portugal.

King João V of Portugal (1706-1759) rich from gold and diamond deposits in the mines of

Brazil, placed the initial order in 1724.  Supplemented by the work of other French silver-

smiths of the period (Auguste, Ballin, Cousinet, Durand, Joubert, and Lenhendrick), and

housed either in the Museu Nacionalde Arte Antiga or kept in the royal palace of Ajuda,

it is considered the finest single collection of 18th century French silver in existence.

American Indian salt cellar fiqurine

to commemorate Portuguese discoveries in the New World

F.T. Germain

One of several silver covered dishes made for the royal collection

F.T. Germain

c. 1757

Chinoiserie Sterling hot water kettle

c. 1756

J.T. Germain

French Sterling hot water kettle

c. 1819-1838

by Odiot

From my files…sold at auction recently

c. 1757-1759

Edme-Pierre Balzac

Balzac’s tureens are notable for their highly sculptural finials; in this case,

a stag is being pulled down by three hounds—perhaps an allusion to the

type of stew the tureen might contain.

Metropolitan Museum of Art


Detail of huge silver centerpiece celebrating the hunt…

begun by Thomas Germain in 1730 and completed by his son

Unless otherwise noted…

House and Garden Nov. 1986

Leonor D’Orey and Michael Teague

Photography Oberto Gili

Madmae Issac Perriere in antique Sterling teapot

From my own collection…

Antique Bourbon rose Madame Issac Perrier…

19th century French Silver teapot

from Antique French Garden post here