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The New French Decor…Living with Timeless Objects

Michèle Lalande and Gilles Trillard

From my 18th century Amusements post here

Ladies’ Pocket Memorandum post here

From my parent’s pool house…

really should be called an Orangerie considering

the enormous skylights,  French doors, and slate floor

have been hosting flats of my sister’s heirloom seeds

the last few weeks…

Detail view of Jacques Callot’s etchings for

Combat at the Barrier c. 1627

Entrance of Monsieur le Comte Brionne

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The art of reproducing incredible

antique grisaille wallpaper….

Holly Alderman

Silver-thread bobbin lace on c. 1740 stomacher…

Decorative V shaped panels that cover front of bodice

Seventeenth and eighteenth-century Fashion in Detail

Avril Hart and Susan North

Cote de Paris

June/Aug ’09

Throwing a bit of ink into neutrals…

and glint…

Shelf in my office…

Voyage en Chine tan and black toile by Old World Weavers…

Antique etching from old Italian vellum book in an Italian gold leaf

frame, pillows made from antique priest’s vestments. A few yards

of historical fabric completely transforms a simple bed…

Tom Landry in New Orleans

House Beautiful? please remind me….

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