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Somewhere in Switzerland at the edge of a lake, a collector gathered

a home full of beautiful items, lived amongst them, enjoyed them.

I found this gorgeous collection of photos from a 25 year old

magazine on shelves in my childhood room. I remember the

cover like it was yesterday. Incredible photos and antiques

like these are hard to forget, perfect, and perfectly timeless.

On the salon mantle, an incredible Meissen clock by Kändler

and Reinike, the original movement by Etienne Lenoir still

in working order

The extensive painted boiserie is stunning…imbuing the room with a

singular watery blue green cast. Click here to compare to Belgian Villa

Rozenhout’s 18th century boiserie reclaimed from a French chateau.

Two terra cotta figures by Clodion sit atop a commode from Turin, Italy

at right. Vibrant Iranian carpet underfoot  “either 16th or 19th century...”

The painted panels with the scenes from the fables of La Fontaine were originally painted white.

When the paneling was examined by the people who had worked on the restoration of the Petit Trianon

at Versailles they turned out to be genuine 18th century and a pale blue beneath the white paint.

In an earlier post If Walls Could Talk, I included a short video of the careful restoration of Madame

Dange’s c. 1750 Place Vendome boudoir boiserie which was also decorated with Aesop fables.   When

the house became the residence of Paris’s military governor in the 19th century the boudoir was gilded

and repainted in an ostentatious style. Research and radiographic examination revealed the original.

The decision was made to remove the gilding and restore a portion of the paneling to offer a side by side

view of both. Click here to appreciate the complexity of the restoration.

In the dining room, gorgeous 18th century Chinese wallpaper…

Flight, Barr and Barr Worcester table service c. 1830-1840

Chairs are Wheelback Hepplewhite …six original that

line the wall, copies pulled up to table…

Louis XV gilded candlesticks, possibly from model by

the great rococo designer Meissonier…

Collection of 18th century English air-twist glasses…

In sitting room, Samuel Dixon bird paintings on embossed paper in niche…

Looks like Dutch Delft tile lining the marble fireplace.

Vitrine filled with favorite objects

to the right of fireplace…

Étienne Maurice Falconet

BaigneuseThe Bather

c. 1757

Beauvais tapestry over red couch….

An 18th century clock by Baillon…

still keeping time with its original movement.

And lantern with 18th century Strasbourg faience birds….

Earthenware horses manufactured in Leeds, England

in the 18th century…

Made for saddle shop’s windows, they are 19 inches tall.

The largest private collection of these much sought after horses

The owner’s modest quarters, under the eaves…

House and Garden Dec. 1985

Rosamond Bernier

Photographs by Oberto Gili