4 thoughts on “Antique print 4”

  1. pleeeeease don’t use this for wrapping paper! Save it forever!

    • Hi Luci. I just copied the fashion plates from my book…cut them out…placed them on top of my antique letter and photocopied. I’ll use the photocopies, NOT the original to wrap something with.

  2. This is simply exquisite and adorable!!

  3. I cannot believe you had this image – eons ago I have found this drawing of a lady (like M-Antoinette) in one of the House & Garden mags, really long ago. I have cut it out because it was so incredibly cut. Of course the cutout disappeared somewhere in my “vast archives of treasures” but the mag is still kicking around (without this illustration) Thanks so much, it is so much fun.
    I love your blog, it’s so pictoresque, I love the XVIII c shoes and the textiles you show. Thank you, I read your blog very often.

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