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Sublime. Simple bed crowned by incredible beauty overhead.

Voluminous drapery at headboard and window…

Charming domed “ceil de lit” (sky of the bed) elevates bed’s stature…

Crystal drops glittering in the cool blue-green light above…

Most of the drama in the room design takes place overhead.

The un-patterned wash of neutrals

adds to the serenity…

La Madone

Owners Nathalie and husband Jean- Bernard Masset

Maisons Cote Sud

Dec-Jan ’10

Pam from Red Ticking found and sold a fabulous

ceil de lit last year that I would have considered

worthy of raising the master bedroom ceiling for.

Besides the carved wood roses (drool)

love the color, and the scraps of burlap underlay…

Catches breath….

I opined about it in an earlier post here

I think I first saw this on Country French Antiques a few years ago…

How is it any less beautiful today…?

Veranda ’02

I love the mix of incredible French antique pieces

toned down with humble cloth and color…

My husband is blissfully unaware that if another

carved rose ceil de lit as gorgeous as the one above

pops up in my line of vision I will have limited ability to

defend our bank account…and numerous very good

arguments for the benefits of healthy air circulation

in lofty bedrooms.


Wow, my lovely reader from South Africa, Colette, in the comments below, alerted me

to the website of the couple, Nathalie and husband Jean- Bernard Masset of La Madone,

who rent out this lovely apartment in Lourmarin. Though photo of bed below is smaller,

it’s much brighter and really shows off the detail of the room. Click here to see more of

this apartment. Main site with other apartments  here.

Colette, who stayed in the apartment last summer, says “the ceiling-paintings and

frescoes are all original and dates back to 18th century. truly amazing to see.”

“I recall Nathalie saying that the bed-canopy was found in the building when they

bought it…that is if I understood her English/French correct.” The drapes hanging

from the canopy are actually old linen sheets that Nathalie dyes herself. Colette

found some beautiful sheets like those and a grey color from Nathalie’s  shop.

Three photos above by reader Colette Nel

Thank you so much Colette!

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