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Circa 1750
the paper clad bust top of later date, circa 1940
beautiful feminine wood dress forms
on iron frame terminating to wood wheels at base

Coup d’Etat

There’s a certain romance to metal….

Metal with patina, age, irregularities, character…

I sometimes am perplexed by what on the surface appears

to be inconsistencies in my “finds”…the hard versus the soft…

But I think there is an overwhelming aggregate of naturalism

in everything I love: the romance of imperfection, randomness,

the vagaries of shape and hue…

Is the appeal of this exploding peony really

that different from the molting and blooming

finish on this vintage metal cabinet?

Circa 1910 – 1920

Coup d’etat

“As the sword of the best metal is most flexible, so the truly generous

are most pliant and courteous in their behavior to their inferiors”

Thomas Fuller 1608-1661

Embossed metal serving platter with scrolled arms

against nubby grain cloth…

Classic French bistro…

c. 19th century

the romance of story behind an object…

Ebay here

The ruffled sweep of petals…

their incandescent ruffled edges

Even my obsession with ruffles…here in full metal palette…

seems to echo wanton blooms with ruffled edges.

Love this large wire basket…wanted to go back for

another but dear husband thought I was crazy. I

occasionally listen to his design advice. C’est dommage.

This  metal basket has occasionally been mossed to

accept plants, or left as is for pretty files in my office…

Yes…that’s a sketch of a flamboyant 3 on the back…

I seem to always prefer unfinished…whispery…

the trailing end of a sentence…

On Wisteria’s zinc ball table…

A flea market bird cage shell…

Bought it for the shape so the missing wire wasn’t a problem..

Clearly met with the good cat seal of approval…

Earlier blooms were herbaceous peonies from my garden…spring ’09

Above is a tree peony bloom…less demanding of a winter chill

and thus favored for a warmer climate. The blooms reach 12 inches

across…chaotic, random, ephemeral, transient, hue-tastic