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Twenty one years ago was (as I post)  my first

“Birth” day… the day my daughter’s birth made me a mother!

Happy birthday Austin and thank you for the most wonderful

years of my life! I know how very lucky I have been to

have had such wonderful daughter, who is also such a great

sister to her younger brother.

Despite “offering” her a rock when he was 1 and she was 4, causing several

stitches, her brother has been forgiven. Nothing is more like music than

hearing your children laugh together. In fact, kids are like the music

…somewhere between Stravinsky and Debussy… that keeps our lives

humming along.

Here is an oddity I picked up at the last flea market…

any guesses what it is?  I’ll post the answer tomorrow.

The old galvanized flower bucket is filled with 4 dozen roses.

It’s been over a month since I’ve plucked a garden

rose and needed a fix, and a birthday as an excuse.

This little mirror backed lantern was one of a pair I bought at an auction…

originally rust toned…now turned to zinc

It’s been floating from dining room to kitchen

looking for the “best” spot.