Balustrade and Bitters blog

Have you seen the great Balustrade and Bitters online magazine and blog?

Interiors, architecture, stores, design books, events. Spend the afternoon

dipping a toe into their magazine and blog archives for great design greats

and their work. Decorator Leonard W. Stanley’s master bedroom  Here

Via Architectural Digest, 1984.  Photographer Russell Mac Masters

Profile of our wonderful fellow blogger and

virtual store front proprietress Lynn Goldfinger of

Paris Hotel Boutique

Baluster and Bitters story on Tony Buccola of Antonio’s Bella Casa in Newport Beach…

click link to see more gorgeous photos…

And lastly…Los Angeles dealer Robert Snaith here

who tipped me off to the site via his Ebay store Eurostuff here

Die hard Alameda Flea Market attendees will recognize Robert’s

wonderful “Gentleman’s club”  offerings when he makes his trek

up north every few months.

Items I’ve picked up from Robert at the flea market include

these vintage wooden lawn bowling balls ( more info here)

Small French terracotta seedling pots…

And French vintage tin sap pots…

In my Fall Dining Outdoors post here

I added moss and set the table with them


Still very busy getting some projects off the ground. My almost 21 year old daughter is

traveling to London, Cambridge, Arles and Glanum in Provence,  an overnight somewhere

on the Italian Riviera on her way to Rome. She’s a classic major who’s spent two summers

in Italy (Rome and Pompeii) on archaeology digs, speaks fluent Italian. French Essence

authoress and fellow blogger Vicki Archer’s post here was the impetus for her “Roman

archaeology in southern France” detour. And wonderful Vicki offered additional advice

via email. Thank you Vicki! Another blog land treasure.

Hope to have photos to share soon.


PS. Torn between Toto toilets, and I have a local source but I’m tempted to

order online for a better deal. Any hot tips out there? And while on the

subject… Jermaine of French Kissed has a great post up about staging

bathrooms for those of us rolling our sleeves up on redos this month