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My almost 18 year old son is attempting to finish up several

mini-autobiographies and short stories, and witty insightful paragraphs…

all for his last few college applications. So while I hover for moral support,

in between editing breaks, I’m contemplating the projects I’d love to

pull off this year. Due to a deep and abiding love for classicism, grisaille,

and the 18th century…I have a spot just waiting for a bit of antique

Zuber or Dufour panorama wallpaper. Which I can’t afford.

Drama offsetting a pert Chelsea checked seat back…

House and Garden archives

Plan B would be Holly Alderman‘s reproductions…incredible, much less expensive.

Luckily this would be a small, but focal wall in my husband’s study, so it would have

maximum impact…and self-servingly in direct view across the way from my office.

In a perfect world I’d use this desk…

Torn out and tacked to my bulletin board for several years…

Love how it floats in the middle of the room..

Round and curvy in all the right places…

Subtly etched Chinoiserie

John Hall Designs table

Antique Zuber wallpaper screen in Saladino’s study in Villa

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Might find a home for this little round mirror…

Just ruminating, collecting my thoughts, starting my design resolution list…

After almost 18 years in our 1939 fixer upper, I love my house, with

all it’s failings, and to-do lists. To paraphrase: If you can’t be with the

home you love, love the home you’re with.


Top photo:  Michael S. Smith, Elle Decor Nov. ’08, Henry Bourne photography