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The c. 1820 aqua blue painted stucco dining room and original chandelier at Schloss Damtschach,

Countess Brigette-Orsini-Rosenberg’s home in Carinthia,  near the Austrian/Italian border…

Sometimes all it takes is one stunning photo for me to choose a magazine off the rack…

This photo in last month’s World of Interiors had sparkle and shimmer, the light

growing across the page from shadows on the left, the chandelier appearing to

scintillate as if deftly executed by an impressionist painter…

The still life on the table could have been imagined on a painter’s easel…

Cropped from original photo…

The blues glowing like an Opaline treasure…

Antique Palais Royal blue Opaline and gold box

World Rarities at Ruby Lane

Antique porcelain service from late 18th century…

Chairs upholstered in same fabric that backs vitrine


Little Girl in a Blue Armchair

c. 1878

Mary Cassat

The World of Interiors November ’09

London based photographer Fritz von der Schulenburg

click link for more of his work

Sydney Harbour Paint Company

Lime wash paints

If ever I need inspiration and gorgeous color, as rich as any artist’s palette,

The World of Interiors delivers. With thick, glossy pages saturated with color,

complex and historical interiors, it’s an archival magazine.  So far I

just cherry pick my favorite issues, and hold onto them forever.