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A writer’s bed in an 18th century house in Spitalfields, London

Found at an auction sale at a Scotland castle and embellished with feathers…

Beautiful mix of red and gold, the surprise of buffalo plaid and tartan


The Decorative Art of Textiles

by Caroline Lebeau

Jacques Dirand photography


Just has that “bit of Christmas” look…

For the fabric obsessed, this is one of my favorite books.

I’ve referenced it quite a bit, wonderful history of textiles,

gorgeous beds, earlier post on toile here used many photos.

Click on title above to see Amazon link.

Lady Worsley

Sir Joshua Reynolds

c. 1776

Famous for his idealized portraiture of 18th century

British aristocracy…click link for images

Military Hat

18th century Italian

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Venice 19th century military vest

Metropolitan Museum of Art

18th century wool cape

Metropolitan Museum of Art


Just a little more daydreaming in red…