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White Chocolate Tiramisù Trifle with Spiced Pears

No calories if you just stare at it….

Bon Appétite via Epicurious here

Thank you to all my kind readers

and supportive fellow bloggers…

You’ve gotten me in the mood to roll up

my sleeves and get in the kitchen again…

Hope you all are enjoying the

sights, smells and tastes of a wonderful

holiday season

Still working on my kitchen fireplace. Originally all brick, I had plastered the grooves,

put a few top coats of plaster, and had a professional apply the final skim coat.

I had had the Sydney Harbour Paint Company pamphlet saved for years…

always wanting to try limewash paint…

Sydney Harbour Limewash

When I saw Jermaine’s French Kissed post here , I realized she had used the same

product! Serendipity! Emboldened by Jermaine’s success, and encouragement, I tried

3 separate products: Distemper, Interno Limewash, and Limewash…

Each in a separate color: Elegance, Pumice, Grey Pepper…

Very happy with the result…still need to add a little architectural heft

but I like the almost Belgian simplicity so far….

The gray tones pick up the rough accent piece

in the smooth limestone floor…

I like to add elements slowly

as I find them…

waiting for the perfect piece of architectural treasure.

Let me know if any of you dare try the Tiramisù Trifle…