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An embroidered satin open robe, Chinese made for the European market c.1770

Fabric created c.1755-60, embroidered in imitation of a brocade with bouquets

of flowers tied with blue ribbons…

Impossibly lovely. Raspberry silk embroidered dianthus and rose buds,

variegated green foliage on green hued ivory silk, the wing cuffs

trimmed in brown fur…

Kerry Taylor Auctions

A simple Indian sprigged muslin gown circa 1800

Simple draw-string to neck, empire-line bodice, horizontal tucked

bands to hem, long sleeves, embroidered in silver thread, the bodice

signed in ink `Monson’

Kelly Taylor Auctions

Impossibly beautiful and unattainable items have me struggling to deconstruct the

overwhelming appeal of some objects. Is it the suggestion of another time and place,

suffused with romance? Diaphanous gauze and metallic thread? The image in my mind

of a tiny embroidered beribboned silk shoe skimming a ballroom floor?

My love of roses and rosy tones?

Even if I could afford one of those antique beauties…I would always worry about the sunlight

slowly and inexorable breaking down the silk fibers, dulling the bright embroidery…

these lovelies will be wrapped in a acid free paper, tucked in acid free boxes

into dark closets. Or in climate and light controlled museums.

So I grab my bits of rosy ribbons and scraps of embroidered silk, and

exorcise my antique textile demons…wondering what windows

I could dress with fur trimmed, floral embroidered silk curtains….

and enjoy the surprise of December roses

Other sources:  Slippers (c. 1820)  from Snowshill collection in Shoes and Slippers by Althea Mackenzie

Watercolor by JJ Grandville