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It’s a wonderful time of the year to visit our favorite small shops that have

put their all into gathering the best stock, reworking their stores, and

decorating their windows. I can always count on finding something

special at Chateau Sonoma, in Northern California, as well as being

inspired by the lovely assembled vignettes. In a cozy back room a bed

is topped with boughs, an angelic duo pulling aside the drapery that

falls below the crown, the bed tumbled with homespun pillows.

A 19th century French scrapbook’s pages were copied and used to paper the

front window display in sepia tones, touches of gilding on frames and book bindings…

More of the charming “wallpaper” alongside a c. 1890 French Opera House puppet theater,

and beneath one of several hunter’s trophy plaques.

Gorgeous selection or antique jewelry

Hand and rose of carved ivory…

click here to see rest of jewelry

This Saturday Chateau Sonoma will host an antique jewelry show from 10:30-6:00

…enjoy champagne and holiday desserts
while exploring wonderful antique jewelry brought
to you by Elizabeth Dmitrova and Michael Howard.

You’ll notice our very own fellow blogger Ulla Milbrath

from Ullabenulla here

A rustic thatched child’s chair set atop a table

nestling a nest and eggs…

I found out today that store owner Sarah Anderson just had a baby boy!

Congratulations Sarah, I’m sure he will be speaking French in no time!

My latest Chateau Sonoma “souvenir”  …

a cloth lined stenciled burlap satchel… messenger styles were also

available…perfect for storing my favorite textile bundles between

monthly flea market forays

A large 19th century zinc statue alcove ensconced between fir and flower

off the gravel courtyard behind the store…

along with finials, canoes, rusty urns and Tunisian grates…

Wisteria zinc flea market alcove

I realized later that the zinc alcove had subliminally influenced me to purchase the

Wisteria cross shadowbox. Wisteria’s book boxes (aqua above) are remarkably like the

very expensive faded vintage French flea market paperback bundles. I’ve been very

impressed by the quality of many of  Wisteria’s items, and so grateful for an alternative to

the higher priced and out of reach vintage French flea market treasures.

I just brought both my Wisteria zinc table and iron birdcage indoors

for the winter. I’ll be sewing a canvas cover for the birdcage like this

one from Big Daddy’s Antiques (wish me luck!)

“Big Daddy” (Shane Brown) will be making his monthly trek

to the Alameda Flea Market this Sunday. His site at the flea

market is always the most gorgeous and most crowded. He brings

plants to plop in his urns, sets up rooms beneath his tents with

crystal empire chandeliers, rough Belgian linen upholstered

bergere chairs, medicine jars and books lining his bookshelves,

architectural iron reworked into lamp bases or consoles,

industrial carts and bins. If you’re going to the flea market, check

out his great website and let him know if you want him to pop

one more thing on the truck for you.



Chateau Sonoma


Big Daddy’s Antiques