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antique stenciled grainsack

3 Fine Grains...

Top of the line, inimitable purveyor of authentically antique, stenciled German

grain sack pillows, upholstered furniture, wall hangings, shopping totes and accessories…

Based in Thousand Oaks, California, mother of 3 beautiful daughters who she refers to as

her “3 fine grains”, Kymberley Fraser has worked tirelessly to produce the most charming

“European Primitive” gifts and keepsakes and indulgences, in addition to more of the

outstanding stand-out designs she creates using the very tactile, worn, patched and

one of a kind found textile treasures.

Rare German grain sack pillows, in organic hemp linen, were individually marked a

century ago, if not more, using a tar based stenciling with last and first names of the

owner, his title, the town they lived or worked in and usually the year.  Not only is

the fabric antique, but the stencil is original to the product, making it a more rare

and valuable textile.

Antique stenciled German grain sack pillow

The “Darn” pillows are made using the patches from the German grain sacks and priced from

$195.00-$495.00 each. Just love the primitive design of the horse,

the ruffle, and the deft stitching of the patch.

c. 1908

antique linen hemp grainsack pillow

c. 1911

antique and vintage

German pillows range in price from $250.00-$625.00 each.

They look great with mixed nubby tones, and mixed font…

All the vagaries of antique typography on display!

Love. them. all.

The authenticated German grain sacks that Kymberley uses date back nearly a century or more.

They were used by farmers, merchants and soldiers from all over Germany dating back to the

early 1800’s. Made from pure organic hemp linen, the fibers were naturally homegrown,

home retted (in local lakes and ponds) and woven all by hand. Farmers and merchants used

these sacks to carry grains to the local mill. The useable oats and flour were placed back into

the sacks and returned to their owners. Back in the day these sacks would be found on the

back porch of a farmhouse, restaurant, hotel, or in a soldier’s wagon. Over 100 years later

these have become so rare they are now found hidden underneath the floorboards of an

old farmhouse or in the dowry chests of fine ladies from long ago.

Vintage lentil grain sacks made into shopping satchels

French tote bags are $125.00 each.

Made from early to mid 1900’s fabric…

Perfect for the Farmer’s market or Flea Market…

or hung on a hook on the back door above your muddy Wellies

The French pillows like the French postal sacks and french storks are in the $300.00 price range.

Flax and teal with just a touch of coral…

Antique chair that Kymberley refinished, with a German grain sack seat that

features a wreath and a crown and a boot from 1864.  This chair is $1495.00.

Another key to the appeal of these authentic pieces is their durability. Having stood the test

of time and heavy usage, softened with age, they are extremely sturdy and uniquely tangible

antique textiles. The drama of the piece is in its worn irregularity, the beauty of its stenciled

provenance. Her signature wing back chairs start at $4350.00 each. Most of the framed

German grain sacks are in the $1900.00 price range.

Close up on patch and nail head detail on chair,

huge skeins of linen…

iron and grainsack upholstered doggie bed

One of a kind doggie bed….

I had done earlier posts on “Working Paris” here and “New Old Things” here that explores the

appeal of the humble beauty of “working man” antiques. Words, letters, numbers, initials on

French linen, London train stops, French letters, Belgian hatboxes, and German grain sacks

connect us to the everyday man (and woman) that went about their days, worked their jobs…

and though not intending to create art, did leave the art of their lives behind. For those of us

that appreciate the nuances of hand woven and hand stitched antique textiles, these pieces

represent a way to layer a piece of this history into our homes.


Kymberley’s Facebook page here is the most up to date source for her newest stock.

Available to the trade, or you can contact Kymberley directly for pricing information

and any question at (805) 630-3727 or via email: kymberley@3finegrains.com


If you’re really lucky you can just drop in to Bungalow Antique Shop

in Agoura Hills, California to see (and feel) her collection in person.

There really is no substitute for the real thing.


Update: 3 Fine Grains now has an Etsy shop here