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Ecomusee de la Grande Lande, Sabres, France

Now this is the sort of bed someone should be serving us hot chocolate in…

A country bed in the Ecomusée de la Grande Lande, Sabres, France…

Quilted cover and pelmet of antique toile de jouy

the once intense red is faded to a rose madder rouge…

French "Les Piliers Fleuris" c. late 18th

“Les Piliers Fleuris” is a design from the Manufacture Petitpierre in Nantes

late 18th century

Antique linen French Toile de Jouy pelmets

Four pelmets of toile de jouy: Robinson Crusoe, 1818

Mythological figures and animals designed by J. B. Huet in 1802

The miller, his sons, and the donkey, also by Huet, in 1806

The story of Joseph engraved by Peters

Copperplate printed on cotton c. 1783 Jean Baptiste Huet

“Les Travaux de la Manufacture”

Design by Jean-Baptiste Huet, copperplate printed on cotton,

c. 1783, shows the process of block printing on cotton.

Besides the exquisite detail, the most incredible element of

the toile are the stories told of everyday life and custom

centuries before.

Antique French "Chef de piece" Factory stamp

“Chef de pièce” or factory stamp, printed at the begining

and end of each piece of fabric, indicating provenance,

design number, and the craftsman’s personal stamp.


Caroline Lebeau

Photographs Jacques Dirand

c. 1780 antique French toile

Morgaine le Faye

has an extensive store of toile and other antique fabric

routinely on her Ebay site. This is a current quilted antique toile…

antique French Toile Morgaine le Faye

Same piece, another view…

“Winepress” c. 1780

Ebay UK

Morgaine le Fay antique French fabrics trouvais

Another piece offered by Morgaine le Faye …

detail of figures on a small pelmet piece

Morgaine le Fay Antique

Other view of same piece…

c. 1795

Ebay UK

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Jane Sacchi

Specializes in antique French linen and hemp

sourced from France…

Rouge quilted toile is beautiful amidst nubby ecru French linen

Toile de Jouy antique French polonaise bedHouse and Garden archives


Melanié at Le Petit Cabinet de Curiosités did a great post about toile here


The holiday season is nearly upon us, advancing genially at first with

heartwarming family Thanksgivings this Thursday, conversation and elbows

leaning forward on the table, children amusing themselves beyond the buzz of

adult voices, dish washing conversations and long walks after supper…

Best wishes for a joyous start to a busy and wonderful season.