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19th c copy of 18th c lantern clock Trouvais.com

So this is the story of the cute little clock that got away…


JB Duchesne

French brass lantern clock

Face with enameled numerals below oval medallion “JB Duchesne Paris”,

hours and seconds marked on dial, brass works, probably a 19th century copy of

18th century clock, 13-3/4 in. Door slightly bent, finials at top of case repaired, top

slightly loose (does not fit well), lacking key and pendulum

Estimate $200-400

Starting bid $100

I noticed this cute little clock at an Auction house that allows online bidding…

I’ve looked at Auction houses, tracked items, seen items often go below the estimate.

The night before the Auction, no bids had been made on it, and since it started very early

the next morning, I put in a low bid of $80, and set my alarm for 5 am. I had pretty much

finished my coffee, felt alert, and patiently waited for the lot to come up while I watched

the bidding, on line. I had made up my mind I would go as far as $180..or slightly higher.

I had done this once before, successfully, so I felt fairly confident. After your initial bid,

subsequent bids go up in set increments and I knew I could handle a couple counter bids

before we edged up to my limit. The lot came up, remember, I’m starting at $80.

A counter bid comes in. I quickly hit the “bid” button. But wait…it dawns on me that there

is something wrong with the number staring back at me. It doesn’t say my bid is $95

…it says $950. Rather than go through that long, boring process of bidding up,

an on site bidder had put down $900 as a first counter to my $80. Way outside the

estimate. And I had just countered him. I sat in stunned silence…probably for only

mere seconds, but it seemed like an eternity until a final bid of $1000 sailed in.

Seems to me the winner could have gotten away with this for about $800 less.

But don’t ask me, I’m no expert, and I’m sticking to Ebay.

lantern clock cottone auctions trouvais


Rumford Lantern clock

Cottone Auctions

As usual, when something catches my eye, I start to do

some research and found many examples of 17th and 18th

century lantern clocks that the little French clock was

said to have been a copy of.

Lantern clock trouvais

English brass lantern clock, with 6.5″ chapter ring, the floral engraved center

signed Richard Breckell Holmes Fecit, surmounted by triple engraved dolphin frets

and a bell, 15.5″ high

£ 1750


A rare late 17th/early 18th century lantern clock trouvais.com



John Walker Fecit

A rare late 17th/early 18th century lantern clock, the 30 hour movement with a charming

early conversion to anchor escapement. It retains its original outside countwheel strike on a

single bell and the brass case has turned pillars and entwined dolphin frets. The exceptional dial is

engraved with foliage and a central Tudor rose and the maker’s name is engraved below XII. The

finely cut single steel hand is probably original and the hoop and spurs are also old.

Raffety & Walwyn Ltd


So. I’m dying to know…does anyone else out there have a good auction story?

Pray tell….