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Bella Notte Linens Trouvais.com

Friday and Saturday 10-2:00

61 Galli Drive Novato 94949

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Luxury bedding line Bella Notte has an outlet in Northern California that is open
most weeks throughout the year on Friday and Saturday between 10 and 2 pm.
As the bedding is a very high end, luxury product, any minor flaw is sent into
their seconds outlet, where it is deeply discounted (I’d say 65-75%). Additional
10% off is offered for cash purchases. Twice a year they hold an outlet sale,
generally the week before Thanksgiving, and the week before Mother’s day.
Bella Notte website is here…where you can find a list of retailers throughout
the country, several with online sales.
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I love beds and bedding…

And I adore this brand.

Machine washable, though the more gentle you are with it

the longer it will look like new. Washable velvet and satin.

Quilted velvet. Embroidered linen. Faint patterns

of roses. Tone on tone mixes, or accent pops.

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The website is beautiful…full of gorgeous photos…
I’m just scratching the surface. Visit here
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A top of the line approach is to pick out your mix of styles, and then have them all
custom dyed. So, for instance, you’d have a quilted velvet coverlet, a floral “Colette” duvet,
Whisper Linen” shams, and silk/cotton floral “Deluxe Marie” sheeting…all dyed “Silvermist
or “Ocean” or Fawn“. The different fabrics would absorb the natural dyes differently,
and you’d get a tone on tone but cohesive look. Shopping at the outlet means you have to
be more flexible rather than expecting an exact match. But the effect is no less gorgeous.
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The Bella Notte Linens website lists stores near you, or you can find several
online stores like Cottage Chic or YvonneEstelles or even Ebay.
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If you are not a perfectionist, but you enjoy “the find” and can think on your
feet (and don’t mind a crowd on the sale days) you can get incredible deals.
The policy is no returns, so bring fabric swatches and paint chips if you’re
try to match something.
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They generally have about 10 racks of lounge wear…
don’t expect much in the way of dressing rooms and
dress accordingly.

I have a Fawn silk velvet quilted throw like the one above…

It’s so incredibly soft that I can feel it when I just look at this photo!

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Below are posts I’ve done with other shots of Bella Notte bedding in them…
Bella Notte graphite bedding
My bed: white Whisper Linen and Deluxe Marie in graphite. Certain colors and white
are very hard to come by so I used a color remover on a aqua duvet. DIY aficionados can find
color remover at Dharma Trading Co here.
All photos from the Bella Notte Linens website (except for last).