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Trouvais 0001DSCN9937

Artefact Design & Salvage

This is just the sort of place that thrills me to walk into. After a wonderful drive with

vineyards and the occasional winery splayed on either side of the road, you take a right turn

just before the turnoff for downtown Sonoma or further Napa, into Cornerstone Gardens.

There are several shops and a great place for coffee or lunch with gravel underfoot,

corrugated metal buildings and factory lights, olive trees and rugged perennials…

it’s how Sonoma does country.

Trouvais 0001DSCN9907

Artefact Salvage is a place that has a point of view,

an aggregate of various artists, countries, materials, sizes, centuries…

Huge suspended grinding wheels alongside a mythical beaux-arts panel

Trouvais 0001DSCN9905

Marble, femininely French…

Trouvais 0001DSCN9913

Baby heads and NAP…of course they’d go together…

Trouvais 0001DSCN9915

American tableau…

Colonel Sanders and rusty iron wheels and weather vane…

Trouvais 0001DSCN9930

The namesake pediment back lit by mid morning sun…

Huge tin wrapped tabletops with massive carved cast stone legs

are laden with curiosities, cast iron rosettes and lion heads,

bowls of slag glass rock, succulent candles, tamarind bowls,

river rock votive holders and soap dishes, and a good selection of books.

Trouvais 0001DSCN9903

Myriad of interesting small items…

like these sliced Nautilus shell sections

Trouvais 0001DSCN9936

Closer look at those enormous tables and the view through the huge building’s belly…

industrial lights, driftwood, a Gazebo/Pavilion from Northern India complete with roof

(not shown). Crusty original paint in beautiful pastel colors. Early to mid 19th century.

Trouvais 0001DSCN9941

Outdoors there are stone fireplaces, statues,

scrapes of architectural salvage…

Trouvais 0001DSCN9939

Fragments from an old Philadelphia building that was  torn down

Trouvais 0001DSCN9923

One of many stately fountains…

Trouvais 0001DSCN9917

Pretty aqua colored, slightly less industrial cart

Trouvais 0001DSCN9927

Solemnly sentinel greyhounds grouped outside in the entrance courtyard

Huge (60″ diameter) teak scrap spheres and fountain in background.

Trouvais Artefact Design

One of my “rescued” bits of architectural salvage safe at home.


Click Artefact Design Interview for the store’s fascinating history, with owner Dave Allen.

(click on TV screen to view) You might notice they visit an Erin Martin designed property

in St. Helena that I posted about here (look for the gilded Italian lamp and window pelmets)

to show places where the architectural salvage was used.


Artefact Design & Salvage

23562 Highway 121

Sonoma, Ca. 95476


(707) 933-0660

Artefact recently updated their website here

If you are wondering where “the hunt” has taken Dave Allen next…check out his blog on the site.

Completely entertaining, great travel photos, a must read!