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In May of 2008 I excitedly sent several friends a list of my favorite blogs.

It was incredible… this wealth of ideas and images, all at your fingertips.

After a year of inspiration I started my own. A little more than six months later

I’ve reached my 200th post, and am so grateful for all the encouragement I’ve

received from fellow bloggers and readers. I specifically wanted to acknowledge

and thank some of the “Grande Dames” of the blogging world who could easily

have been far too busy, but took the time to comment and encourage and put

me on their blog list. Cote de Texas, Paris Apartment, Designer’s Block

and Country French Antiques were at the top of that very first blog list,

French Blue and Velvet and Linen added on a few months later when they

started their blogs. In what I promise will be a rare self-aggrandizing stunt,

the following are some of the wonderful comments I’ve treasured from this

esteemed and  benevolent “old guard”.

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“Well, there’s this beautiful blog Trouvais. And she has a hedge of Lavender in her backyard.

It’s the most gorgeous…at first I thought it was from France. It’s her back yard and she harvests

her lavender and has this huge bucket, European bucket. And she puts her lavender in it on her

mantle piece. It’s the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen.”

Joni from Cote de Texas at The Skirted Roundtable

Thank goodness you have a pause feature on the SRT, Joni. I had

to transcribe every glorious word …we need to see how much lavender

we can squeeze into your yard next spring.

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Wow. Don’t you have a beautiful blog!

That bed with the painting behind it is gorgeous.   xo Brooke

I do believe that I love everything that you love:

Rococo, antique clock faces, barometers. That fantastic bird cage.

Brooke from Velvet and Linen

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I just found your blog via Claudia! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT So much!!! It is the most beautiful blog

I have EVER EVER EVER SEEN!!! Thanks for coming over to visit me.
I can’t wait to come back! Your images and visions are SO perfect~~

Janet from French Blue

Trouvais 0001DSCN9785

A Beautiful Blog-Trouvais

Go and get an eye full of candy at Trouvais.

Di from Designer’s Block

Di was always my go-to blog for “the find”…and I’m so glad she found me.

Short and simple, but with a link to my Blog….Blogger’s gold!

Trouvais 0001DSCN9773

this is via trish at trouvais (another bonnie find full of eye candy, beware)!

she has pics from one of my favorite books, The Bed by Alecia Beldegreen (below)

and has become a new blog friend.

Claudia from The Paris Apartment

Trouvais 0001DSCN9777

I absolutely ADORE your blog! It is truly wonderful and sooo inspiring!
One of my favorites :)
Thanks for visiting mine!
Have a beautiful evening.

Shawn from Country French Antiques


You are all too, too kind. You all have been such an inspiration.

Thank you for making the path so enjoyable.

XO, Trish